Sunday, March 2, 2008

What does "well rounded" curriculum mean?

According to the Association for Supervision of Curriculum Development it means:

"Well-Rounded Curriculum"
: Schools should give students a general education, which includes basic skills but goes beyond a narrow interpretation of "the basics." A balanced curriculum includes music and fine arts, the humanities, vocational education, and student activities.

For Salt Lake County parents that might mean looking for educational choices other than parking children at a desk and repetitiously exposing them to a disproportionate menu of reading and math - particularly children in preschool and kindergarten

There are schools in Utah that are "well-rounded" and there are some that are academically accelerated programs designed to challenge children to memorize words and take tests.

Very few Ivy league college grads had a preschool experience that included flashcard facts - their brains were developed in a much broader fashion.

Salt Lake County Parents have viable alternative choices for the Early Childhood Education of their children.

Parents may have to look a little deeper than the guys running the biggest ads in the yellow pages or paying the most pay-per-click advertising revenue to Google.

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